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This was exposed in an article from Bunshun Shunkan, published 13 March Although there are no concise photos showing both of them together, the 2 were clearly captured leaving the house which Miyuki stays in when she comes to Tokyo for work. Fans are shocked at this turn of events as Watanabe Miyuki had once said that she would not betray her fans. Fujita Tom chose to ignore these comments, continuing to tweet as per usual. This is not the first time Watanabe Miyuki has been embroiled in a scandal. It was speculated that she was given a penalty due to meeting up with male fans in private. If this is true, what will be the consequences this time? As most of them are civilised and serious males, somehow they are pitiful and i feel like crying. He promised to apologise if it turns out that the article was written to defame Miyuki. More snippets taken from other sites about the guy.

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Which leads me to the next point. No photo taking of anything that may put you into trouble This is probably the easiest thing you can do and also the hardest thing you can control if there are other parties involved. If there is someone naughty out there who knows you and loves to take and post photos of you without your permission, gently remind them that ALL your fans are great CSI detectives who can find out anything and hunt them down even from a simple detail.

That should scare them a little.

Member NMB48 Sutou Ririka secara resmi telah mengumumkan bahwa dia akan meninggalkan NMB48, group yang telah membesarkan namanya. – When and how long were you guys dating? What was the occasion? End of last year, I met him through my mom’s friend. yg fix yg di resto itu? Balas.

While the show focuses on four millennials trying to make it in New York, season five takes plucky Shoshanna Shapiro out of the Big Apple and sends her to Tokyo for a new marketing position. But during her stay in Japan, Shoshanna visits a variety of classic tourist spots and experiences traditional pastimes. Naturally, Shosh, wearing Hello Kitty headphones, navigates the five-way intersection with aplomb. The venue features a variety of performers throughout the year, ranging from piano players to up-and-coming rock stars.

Temari no Ouchi Cat Cafe After being laid off from her marketing job, Shoshanna does the responsible thing and becomes an assistant manager at Temari no Ouchi Cat Cafe. Located in Kichijoi, this cat cafe is one of the most elaborate in the city with its Ghibli-like decor. And while other cat cafes simply serve tea or coffee, Temari no Ouchi has full meal sets along with cat-shaped cookies.

Afuri Ramen Ebisu If the ramen at Afuri looked delicious, the good news is that you can go ahead and try it yourself. The signature bowl of yuzu shio ramen is not be missed.

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I personally don’t quite understand the logic of this rule. I heard that the main reason why idols are not allowed to date is that they have to appear to be available for their male fans. But isn’t that a huge contradiction? How are they available to a fan – as in becoming the fan’s girlfriend or affair – if they are not allowed to date in the first place? It’s probably more likely that an idol would leave their boyfriend to be with a fan, than that she would end her career for him, isn’t it?

Former Morning Musume member Konno Asami has announced that she has married Tokyo Yakult Swallows baseball player Sugiura Toshihiro. The couple married on January 1st.. While the announcement came as a surprise to many it seems like the couple have been dating for .

Rena interview from MyoJo magazine, March Where we learn that: Rena — Much older. Even 10 years older is completely ok. One thing your boyfriend should never see: R — My phone! In comparison me without make-up is no big deal. Do you prefer someone ugly with money or a good looking guy who is a NEET? R — Ugly with money. I like the fact than an adult works properly.

Do you receive confessions from girls?

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Welcome to this Baka’s blog on his fave Japanese Pop Culture interests. Welcome to my humble site Mainly concentrate on my faves Do mainly quick reviews on things I’ve watched, try to make the reviews brief, quick to read through with not too many spoilers, just whether they’re good or bad and why I thought so plus whether you may find them enjoyable. Many, many screenshots are included from everything I’ve watched plus any video trailers if they’re available.

Aug 16,  · Maybe she’s the Yuttan of NMB We do get a lot of funny Sayaka faces. So they spend the episode trying to remember where they could’ve possibly met or even if they have met.

What’s that you’re wearing you fat boring middle-aged man? Initial D is back via Pay Per View! Is it a paid on-demand service? I think it is but hey, this is similar since Fourth Stage a few years ago, which is from a pay-per-view service. Sky PerfecTV to be precise. So, anyone willing to watch the first two? The best automotive variety show in the world is now in Car Town! There will be cool cars, stunts, and series of challenges that are more than just pulling out from the yellow envelope sent from the producers.

So, what’s their Day One? You thought that this is all they got but think again. This is only the beginning. There’s loads of it more in the coming weeks and you’ll never know what Top Gear throws something at you. While on the subject on Car Town It’s the one that reminded me of the now-defunct Aussie Top Gear where the presenters use pickup trucks to get some gold from the gold mine

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Points will be awarded based on theater ticket applications, theater version handshake ticket sales and sousenkyo votes. This post will explain the scandals. It all changed when some guys on 2ch found what was her old personal blog. In fact, they were together until she got into the group. We get along great together and I hope we can go to the festival together next year as well!

비록 akb48만의 싱글이지만, 이러한 이벤트에는 ske48, nmb48, hkt48와 같은 (최소한 일본 국내의) akb48 그룹의 다른 자매 그룹도 참가하고 있다. 선발 총선거는 매년 하나의 싱글에 참가하는 멤버를 팬들의 투표로 선발하는 제도이다.

Jessica launched her own fashion line named ‘Blanc’. Why is She Being Forced Out? Jessica said that her business is the lone reason for the members’ asking her to leave. SM, however, stated that Jessica expressed her desire to leave Girl’s Generation after one more album but after launching her own label, it created some conflicts within the group.

There are several reasons. Otherwise, Jessica would have refuted it in her personal statement. The other members must have known about it. It is also possible that Jessica told the members of her plans. With this in mind, Jessica launching her own label, going to the US to look for schools, association with Tyler Kwon and others are given new meanings. The group knows Jessica is preparing for a solo career, whether it is as a singer, actress or fashion designer or all is still up in the air.

One thing is for sure, whatever she does now is interpreted as a preparation for her future career. The members could feel uncomfortable about it. Yes No They were jealous of her but that wasn’t the reason they forced her out of the group.

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Americans are deeply opposed to pedophilia and anything resembling it. Americans who have had exposure to Japanese porn always lament the mosaic censoring. While it has been no problem for American porn companies to add mosaic to their videos sold in Japan, it is hardly conceivable that Japanese companies would remove the mosaic on their videos to sell in the US, since this could lead to Japanese customers obtaining uncensored versions of their videos.

Aug 05,  · Namco Bandai is going all out for AKB 1/ Love upcoming AKB dating game includes idols from sister groups SKE48, NMB48, .

Pixabay Let me start this off by saying that I am so, so sorry it has been over a year since I have written on here but I have a very unique story behind this that I hope you will enjoy. Over the past year, I sort of had a falling out with J-Pop. We had a very lovely relationship for over two years, we fell in love on a very lovely spring day. It was just perfect. If I had a rough day, she was always there to cheer me up if I was feeling blue and I felt like nothing would tear us apart.

I even got to visit her parents on vacation every year since we first started out but I felt like I was just going through the motions every time I would visit her at home or at work. I never really felt all there. In the fall of last year, I hopped on a dating app and decided to see who else was out there. I of course hid this all from the love of my life, but it wasn’t easy.

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