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Faced with Norwegian marble, the highlight of the building is its stunning meter-high tower with fine views of the city and bay. Interior tours include a visit to the Civic Hall, the Council Chamber, and the Marriage Room, each beautifully designed and edged in sumptuous wood trim and accents. Also of note is the nearby Pig Fountain, or Grisebronden it’s nicer looking than it sounds , and at the foot of the City Hall tower is a lovely fountain called Agnes and the Water Carrier. In the basement of a large bank, the Viking Museum Vikingemuseet consists of collections based upon the discoveries made by builders when excavating the bank’s foundations in the s. The museum paints a fascinating picture of the Viking community that made Aarhus its home some thousand or more years ago. Highlights include remains of the ramparts that once surrounded the settlement, a reconstruction of a typical house from the Viking period, and ancient tools. Highlights include battle reenactments and displays of horsemanship, along with traditional Viking boat building and sailing displays. Skt Clemens Torv 6, Aarhus Official site: Now a purely Gothic building, it contains many fine frescoes and a magnificent altarpiece dating from

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Aarhus is known as “The City of Smiles” Danish: This slogan probably started as publicity to improve the city’s image, but it has nevertheless caught on. Being a university city and centre of education, Aarhus has a large student population and one of the lowest median ages of any city in Europe. The cultural scene here is always thriving:

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July 5, , Aarhus University The carved oak timber object recently found in peat layers just outside the south gateway of the fortress. The piece has been cut and sampled for dendrochronological sampling left. The function of the piece is unknown, but it may be a part of a door or building. Since then the search has been on to uncover the life, function, destruction and, not least, the precise dating of the Viking fortress.

Now a new find has produced a break-through in the investigation. In the period a programme of new excavations is made possible by a grant from the A. Prior to this year’s excavations it was only known that the massive, m wide fortress dated to the tenth century. Experts suspected that it was built in the reing of Viking king Harold Bluetooth c.

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Aarhus C is a postal district in the city of Aarhus, Denmark, consisting of the Inner city, Vesterbro, University of Aarhus, Frederiksbjerg, Langenæs and Aarhus Ø, with postal code The district is commonly defined as the area enclosed by the ring road of Ring 1 (also referred to as Ringgaden), and in the west by the Aarhus Harbour and.

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Only data that have been entered in form fields marked with a search icon will become available. Any researcher at Health, Aarhus University can become a user of Research Manager by logging in to the database. However, only the data shown in the blue frame can become published for research dating right. Uploaded files are publishable according to the user’s choice during file uploading Publish file for research dating?

If Yes, the file can never be published. Data can be entered by primary, senior and other associated researchers – and all data will be available to them left. Only data shown in the blue box can become published for “research dating” right.

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No Satellite or Cable Subscription Needed. Watch tv2 denmark online dating It’s just so absurd that it might end up confusing the person more than it helps. Living in Denmark Official source. Watch live streaming TV from Denmark. Danish TV online Second grade onilne, bad writing. You can watch everything that has been sendt on Dr and watch it live.

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City walks Book a guided city walk in Aarhus You can book a guided city walk in Aarhus and immerse yourself in its history for a more personal and rather different experience of the city and the many gems which Aarhus has to offer. A city walk can be arranged in many exciting and interesting ways depending on the perspective you and your guests wish for your tour: On this page you can find inspiration for your chosen walk in the city, while you also have the opportunity to arrange it in full accordance with your personal preferences.

The architecture of Aarhus then and now Over the years, a string of architects have left their unique mark on the cityscape of Aarhus. On this tour we follow in the footsteps of a couple of these to get a closer look at the buildings and spaces they designed which make the city particularly fascinating to move around in. One of the architectural pearls you could choose to visit is the Aarhus Theatre, designed by the architect Hack Kampmann , one of the city’s leading architects of the time.

From here you walk on to the Concert Hall park, which is encircled by modern, distinctive buildings, all designed by leading Danish architects during the 20th and 21st centuries. You go back in time to the period of the industrialisation at the end of the 19th century when the population increased dramatically and there was an acute housing shortage. There was a lack of building plots in the city, and in the City Council got the opportunity to take up the estate of the Marselis Manor and expand the city towards the south.

Cemetery walk – the city’s most beautiful cemetery Immerse yourself in history through impressive monuments and graves of many ofAarhus’ historical figures, such as Dalgas, Filtenborg, and Peter Sabroe, whose last resting-places can still be found in theNorthCemetery. In the footsteps of the Vikings Hear all about the Viking Age in Aarhus, about the Aarhus River and its significance for the founders of the city of Aros.

This tour includes a visit to the Viking Museum which provides excellent insights into life in Aarhus during the Viking Age.

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The Old Town in Aarhus has architecture dating from the 16th to the 19th centuryGETTY IMAGES I have always had a feeling that cities granted City of Culture status could well be a bit drab and in.

One aim of the Aarhus Mortar Workshop is to discuss mortar sampling in the field. We are very happy to see the participation of many field experts, and hope the conference will be a forum for sharing and discussing sampling based on experience. Everyone is invited to the writing of a summarizing article on mortar sampling, from the accumulated experience. During this session, we also hope to produce a handy field guide in the form of a leaflet.

A second aim of the Aarhus Mortar Workshop, is to discuss extraction methods available to radiocarbon dating mortars. Examples include, but are not limited to, the sequential dissolution method, the cyro-sonic method and analysis of lime lumps.

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The Aarhus Mortar Workshop is intended to bring together experts in radiocarbon dating of mortars with the purpose of creating a working group to discuss methodological advances in radiocarbon mortar dating.

The position is available from 1 May or later. Research area and project description: Candiates are invited to apply for a PhD fellowship focused on improving and developing the method for radiocarbon dating of lime mortars. Radiocarbon of lime mortars have developed over the past 10—15 years and have been successfully applied for radiocarbon dating of e. However, the method have proven to fail or be partly successful in other settings such as Jerash, Jordan. With this project, we wish to develop the method further to include some of the more challenging settings.

Overall the aim will be to find new pathways for improving the accuracy and reproducibility of radiocarbon mortar dating. This project will be in close collaboration with international radiocarbon mortar specialist in Finland and Switzerland among others. Qualifications and specific competences: The ideal candidate will have a MSc within Physics, Chemistry, Geoscience, Archaeological sciences, Geochemistry or related fields, demonstrated analytical skills, a good command of English, excellent interpersonal skills, an open attitude to interdisciplinary research, and the ability to work in international collaborations.

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She later dropped the Petersen from her name in Arvad was the beauty queen selected by the Danish newspaper Berlingske Tidende. She met John F. Kennedy in Washington through his sister Kathleen , who was a reporter at the same newspaper. Inga was said to have a good “intuitive style of writing” by her editor.

She is thought to be among the few Scandinavians who interviewed Hitler. Through Joseph Goebbels she secured an interview with Hitler. The eyes, showing a kind heart, stare right at you. They sparkle with force.


By plane[ edit ] Aarhus Airport, Tirstrup [56] is approx. Tickets are sold on the bus. Major Credit Cards are also accepted. Aarhus airport is serviced mostly by SAS with flights from Copenhagen; flights from London are serviced also by the low-cost flight provider Ryanair, which has been known to provide fares as low as 1p per one-way trip.

The Aarhus AMS 14C Dating Centre. The AMS 14C Dating Centre performs 14C datings and stable-isotope measurements on geological, archaeological, forensic, water and atmospheric samples.

Since then, researchers have been waiting for the reliable results of the dating of the fortress. Now, a new find has resulted in a breakthrough in the investigation. Only eight fortresses of this type are currently known, including Nonnebakken, Aggersborg, Fyrkat, Borgeby and the famous Trelleborg. These fortresses are characterized by a ring rampart with an appurtenant moat and four covering gate openings. They had a rigorous geometric street system, a division of the internal surface area into four square-shaped blocks.

Within each of these blocks, there were four longhouses positioned in the form of farmhouses constructed around a quadrangle. All of the four facilities had a uniform and rigorous geometric architecture and a stringent symmetry. The Viking fortress of Fyrkat. Heritage Agency of Denmark. On June 26, , the archaeological team found a one-meter-long piece of carved oak wood with drilled holes and several wooden pegs.

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